The Making Of Abram’s Name

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What does it mean that God would make Abram’s name great? It means three things that I’ll unpack. First, it means that God, not Abram, would make a new name for Abraham. Second, that through Jesus God would bring a great nation out of Abraham’s lineage, the Christian Church. Third, when God named Abraham, he spoke in divine language. Abraham then passed on the knowledge contained in God’s language to his offspring, you and me, but we need the Holy Spirit to understand it.

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Jeff Boldt

Jeff Boldt

Jeff is an intern at St Matthews where he regularly preaches, organizes educational events, serves in the liturgy, and leads Bible studies. On Thursday nights this year he and Jonathan Turtle are taking the parish through the entire Bible from cover to cover. Having previously earned a Master of Theological Studies, he is now a doctoral student at Wycliffe College whose main interests lay in Biblical interpretation and Church history. Jeff's spiritual roots lay in the Wesleyan, Mennonite, and Alliance traditions of his family, and in the Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, and Anglican traditions of spirituality and practice. He has a passion for Christian unity that stems from a commitment to Jesus Christ who prayed 'that they all may be one' (John 17:21). An animator by profession, Jeff enjoys drawing and sculpting when he has the time, as well as surfing and cross fit when he hasn't injured himself.