Diane Lee

A Resurrected Life in the Fullness of Christ

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We are all on the way to the tomb just as Lazarus did, from dust to dust. But we will be redeemed by Christ just as Lazarus was raised from the tomb. When things seem to frustrate us, and when our prayers go unanswered, we need to be able to trust in God’s invisible hands working in our lives. Our ultimate hope is in Jesus.

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The Greatest Commandments

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We must decide to love even when our circumstances are not in favour of us. We must decide to love even when we do not agree with the other person. We must decide to love no matter what. We make a judgment to do what is best for those we decide to love, and we promise to stay in love unconditionally. Such a love is an art, making time to share the burden of the other person, creating space to see the inner beauty of the other person.

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Spiritual Blindness

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The blind man testifies to the Pharisees about who opened his eyes and how he performed that miracle. Also, he claims that Jesus is a prophet.
But, the Pharisees simply refuse to believe that the blind man has been healed. They dichotomize human actions into what is permitted and what is forbidden, and they are unable to see God in Jesus.

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